Roadside Asssistance/ Emergency Towing

Are you stuck in the middle of the road and need a tire change or a towing service for your vehicle? Need Immediate Roadside Assistance/ Emergency Towing service in Las Vegas or surrounding areas?

We are always ready to serve you with the best-class roadside assistance at any time and on any day throughout the whole year. With the fastest, safest and the most-innovative roadside assistance, you are fully ensured to have a safe and secure move of your vehicle. Besides, we also provide other services that include Motorcycle towing, jump-start, emergency fuel delivery, flat tire change and also automotive locksmith services. With qualitative services at the most competitive prices, we have smart connections to the nearest available help for the unprecedented situation and breakdowns.

Call us today if you have any queries about our Roadside Assistance service / Emergency Towing service throughout Las Vegas, NV.

Low Clearance Garage Towing

Looking for parking garage towing service or low clearance towing service in Las Vegas, NV?

If your vehicle is parked under a carport or in low clearance areas such as casino garage or parking garages as well as in tight spaces such as busy parking lots or alleyways, you may need specialized towing. We have the equipment, expertise, and staff to handle any light, medium, or heavy duty towing need, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. Call today for probably the best parking garage towing company in Las Vegas, NV!

Priority Towing… Your Vehicle, Our Priority.

Jump Start Service

Has your car's battery battery fully dead? Worried about how to get your vehicle started?

Jump-starting can be very dangerous if it is not done properly. Many late model vehicles feature extremely sensitive electronics that can be easily damaged by incorrect jump-starting techniques. At Priority Towing, we have the equipment and expertise to handle jump-starting your vehicle. We provide fast, affordable jump start service in North Las Vegas, Vegas Heights, Winchester, NV and anywhere else within a 50 mile radius.

Lockout Services

Did you just lost your vehicle’s keys or got it misplaced?

We offer 24/7 auto lockout service in Las Vegas, NV. We are always on the road and chances are if you locked out of a vehicle we'll get to you faster than a locksmith.

If you are locked out of your car, let us resolve the problem for you quickly and efficiently. Just call us any time, day or night, at (702) 763-7358.

Private Property Impounds (PPI)

Do you own a private parking lot and have problems with abandoned vehicles or cars parking in spots to which they are not assigned?

If some one has abandoned a vehicle on your private property, state law allows a licensed towing company within that county to post it with a 48hr notice. If the registered owner does not remove the vehicle before the 48 hour notice expires, then the posted towing company may remove it free of charge to the property owner. The registered owner of the vehicle will be completely responsible for all the towing and storage charges incurred. There are certain laws that must be followed to protect the property owner and the registered vehicle owner to perform a PPI legitimately.

Call us today if you have any queries regarding our PPI service throughout Las Vegas, NV.

Motorcycle Towing

Having motorcycle issues and need affordable motorcycle towing?

The team of our well-qualified towing providers are always ready to get you hitched, towed and back on the road at any time throughout the whole year serving 50 miles area from Las Vegas, NV.